Evolve fitness

Rachel Arter

Evolve Fitness Studio with Gill for personal training for the last 18 months and cannot recommend it highly enough. I prefer training with someone rather than alone, and have tried several different classes locally in the past few years but this is the only thing I have ever committed to on a long term basis, and that is down to Gill. Gill pushes me to my limits in every session I have with her, and whilst my regular session is with my friend and we have different fitness levels, Gill has always been able to tailor the session so that we are both pushed equally. I have also had several 1-2-1 sessions so I know that she is able to adapt to both equally well. She is extremely knowledgable about fitness and body transformation and works hard each week to ensure she gets results specific to my own goals. Gill is a brilliant motivator and has got me to achieve things I never thought my body could do. She’s tough but importantly we always have fun! Highly recommended!